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Posted by AxeWarrior - July 13th, 2010

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Posted by AxeWarrior - July 8th, 2010

Date Sets Media Grade Venue Source
07/28/1979 All DVD B+ World Series of Rock Festival - Municipal Stadium - Cleveland, OH SBD
08/21/1990 All DVD Ungraded Off Ramp Cafe - Seattle, WA AUD
07/19/2008 All DVD A+ Paradiso Club Amsterdam SBD
10/21/1983 All DVD Ungraded The Forum - Montreal, PQ AUD
04/01/1986 All DVD Ungraded The Forum - Montreal, PQ AUD
08/26/2004 All DVD A- Tweeter Center - Camden, NJ SBD
05/25/1992 All DVD A- DNA Lounge (H.E.A.R Benefit) - San Fransisco, CA SBD
05/30/2009 All DVD A Pompano Beach Amphitheater - Pompano Beach, FL AUD
01/20/2001 All DVD B+ Three Chopt Bar & Grill - Richmond, VA AUD
11/30/2002 All DVD B Tek World - Louisville, KY AUD
??/??/1979 All DVD C Hurrah's - New York City, NY AUD
11/19/1979 All DVD A+ Earth Tavern - Portland, OR SBD
02/09/1980 All DVD B+ Mabuhay Gardens - San Fransisco, CA AUD
07/25/1981 Incomplete DVD B Club 57 - New York City, NY AUD
12/02/1982 All DVD A- Brixton Ace London SBD
04/30/1983 All DVD A La Bamba Club - Portland, OR SBD
08/18/1984 All DVD B The Island - Houston, TX AUD
10/08/1984 All DVD B OLYMPIC AUDITORIUM - Los Angeles, CA Unknown
04/20/1985 All DVD C Rutgers University - Camden, NJ AUD
11/10/1985 All DVD B City Gardens - Trenton, NJ AUD
11/18/1985 All DVD B+ Wust Radio Hall - Washington, DC AUD
02/??/1977 All DVD B- The Crypt - Akron, OH AUD
01/06/1979 All DVD B+ Park West - Chicago, IL SBD
06/22/1980 All DVD B Castel Sant'Angelo Rome SBD
08/25/1980 All DVD B+ Raincross Square - Riverside, CA AUD
10/27/1988 All DVD A UC Berkley Campus - Berkley, CA SBD
11/03/1988 All DVD A The Cabaret Metro - Chicago, IL SBD
10/10/1990 All DVD B+ Albert Hall Modena AUD
01/26/1996 All DVD A+ The Arena (Sundance Film Festival) - Park City, UT SBD
08/02/2001 All DVD A- Klasky Csupo Show - West Hollywood, CA AUD
04/24/2004 All DVD A- SIR Studios - Los Angeles, CA AUD
04/25/2004 All DVD B The Coliseum - Los Angeles, CA AUD
09/24/2004 All DVD A- The Rivera - Chicago, IL AUD
08/13/2005 All DVD A 9:30 Club - Washington, DC AUD
11/03/2009 All DVD B+ Henry Fonda Theatre - Los Angeles, CA AUD
02/22/2010 All DVD A- Whister Medals Plaza Whistler, BC SBD
01/22/1993 All DVD B+ Palladium, Hollywood Unknown
07/02/1991 All DVD A+ Riverport Amphitheatre - St. Louis, MO SBD
??/??/???? All DVD A- RAWGWAR Promo Video ??? SBD
10/11/1985 All DVD B+ PB Kellys - Richmond, VA AUD
04/11/1988 All DVD A City Gardens - Trenton, NJ AUD
06/30/1988 All DVD B The Ritz - New York, NY AUD
07/12/1988 All DVD B Blondie's - Detroit, MI AUD
11/11/1988 Incomplete DVD B+ Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS AUD
11/15/1988 All DVD A- Blondie's - Detroit, MI AUD
02/17/1989 All DVD C Peppermint Beach Club - Virginia Beach, VA AUD
03/26/1989 Incomplete DVD B Wally's - Bethlaham, PA AUD
03/31/1989 All DVD B+ The Unicorn - Houston, TX AUD
04/01/1989 All DVD C The Unicorn - Houston, TX AUD
08/19/1989 All DVD B+ The Circuit Cabaret - Winnipeg, MB AUD
09/03/1989 All DVD B Iguana's Tijuana AUD
11/14/1989 All DVD A- The Diamond Club - Toronto, ON AUD
12/02/1989 All DVD B+ Wust Radio Hall - Washington, DC AUD
10/13/1990 All DVD B+ The Palladium - Hollywood, CA AUD
12/15/1990 All DVD B+ Airport Music Hall - Allentown, PA AUD
04/05/1991 All DVD A Concert Hall - Toronto, ON AUD
06/01/1991 All DVD B+ Bergslagrocken Fagersta AUD
06/04/1991 All DVD B- Mejeriet Lund AUD
05/19/1992 All DVD C The Cameo Theater - Miami, FL AUD
05/29/1992 Incomplete DVD B+ The Palladium - Hollywood, CA AUD
09/23/1992 All DVD B+ Theatrefabrik Munich AUD
10/06/1992 All DVD B- Queens Hall Bradford AUD
10/28/1993 All DVD B+ The Agora - Cleveland, OH AUD
05/24/1994 Incomplete DVD B+ Mississippi Nights - St. Louis, MO AUD
06/02/1994 Incomplete DVD B+ The Armory - Buffalo, NY SBD
10/15/1994 All DVD B+ Studio One - Newark, NJ AUD
11/05/1994 Incomplete DVD B+ La Luna - Portland, OR SBD
11/28/1995 All DVD A The Abyss - Houston, TX AUD
07/27/1996 All DVD B+ Eagles Ballroom (Milwaukee Metal Fest) #1 - Milwaukee, WI AUD
07/27/1996 All DVD A- Eagles Ballroom (Milwaukee Metal Fest) #2 - Milwaukee , WI AUD
??/??/1997 Incomplete DVD A Stahlwerk Dusseldorf SBD
05/13/1997 All DVD B+ Electric Ballroom - Tempe, AZ AUD
06/25/1997 All DVD B Dragon Con - Atlanta, GA AUD
05/01/1999 All DVD A The Palladium: New England Metal & Hardcore Festival - Worcester, MA AUD
05/07/1999 All DVD A Harpo's - Detroit, MI AUD
05/20/1999 All DVD B+ The Warfield Theatre - San Fransisco, CA AUD
11/13/1999 All DVD B- Metropol - Pittsburgh, PA AUD
12/31/1999 All DVD C Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO AUD
07/07/2005 All DVD A US Bank Theatre Target Center - Minneapolis, MN AUD
07/15/2005 All DVD B+ Smirnoff Music Center - Dallas, TX AUD
10/15/2005 All DVD B+ Masquerade - Atlanta, GA AUD
07/26/2006 Incomplete DVD C House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV AUD
12/06/2006 All DVD B+ The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA AUD
11/30/2007 All DVD B+ Masquerade - Atlanta, GA AUD
12/12/2008 All DVD Ungraded The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA AUD
12/18/2008 Incomplete DVD B+ Club Soda - Montreal, PQ AUD
11/19/2009 All DVD B Burboun Theatre - Lincoln, NE AUD
09/06/1983 All DVD B+ The Forum - Montreal, PQ AUD
11/29/1986 All DVD A Omnisport de Bercy - Paris Paris France SBD
01/13/1987 All DVD B+ The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA SBD
05/08/1988 All DVD Ungraded L'Amours - Brooklyn, NY AUD
10/12/2006 All DVD A- Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY Unknown
06/15/2008 All DVD Ungraded Madison Square Garden - New York, NY AUD
10/25/2009 All DVD A El Rey Theater - Los Angeles, CA AUD
11/07/2009 All DVD B The Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA Unknown
12/18/1983 All DVD A- ZDF Festival - Westfalenhalle Dortmund Other
08/10/2008 All DVD Ungraded Jones Beach Ampitheatre - Wantaugh, NY AUD
01/31/1975 All DVD A- Winterland Ballroom - San Francisco, CA SBD
01/26/1976 All DVD A Cabo Hall - Detroit, MI SBD
08/20/1976 All DVD A- Anaheim Stadium - Anaheim, CA SBD
01/29/1977 All DVD A Cabo Hall - Detroit, MI SBD
10/12/2007 All DVD A 02 ARENA /4cam mix LONDON AUD
08/20/2000 All DVD B Phoenix Theatre - Petaluma, CA AUD
01/10/1988 All DVD A- The Chance - Poghkeepsie, NY AUD
05/15/2009 All DVD A Webster Hall - New York City, NY AUD
11/18/2005 All DVD A The Cooler Lounge - Las Vegas, NV AUD
05/25/1996 All DVD B+ The Warfield Theater - San Fransisco, CA AUD
05/29/1983 All DVD A Glen Helen Regional Park - Devore, CA SBD
06/05/1984 All DVD B+ Coliseum de Quebec - Montreal, PQ AUD
10/27/1985 All DVD B+ Chrysler Arena - Ann Arbor, MI AUD
10/27/1989 All DVD B Scandinavium Gothenburg AUD
11/19/1991 Incomplete DVD A Teatro Castello Roma SBD
12/31/1993 All DVD B+ Oakland Coliseum Arena - Oakland, CA AUD
09/12/1992 All DVD A- Monsters Of Rock, Forum Aggaso, Milan, Italy Milan SBD
07/15/1994 All DVD B+ San Jose State Event Center - San Jose, CA AUD
08/19/1994 All DVD A Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY Unknown
03/13/2001 All DVD A Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkepsie, NY AUD
05/03/1989 All DVD A+ KZSU - San Fransisco, CA SBD
06/22/1990 All DVD B+ V.F.W. Hall - Santa Cruz, CA AUD
08/02/1991 All DVD B- City Gardens - Trenton, NJ AUD
11/29/1991 All DVD B+ Cameo Theatre - Miami, FL AUD
03/21/1992 All DVD C San Jose State University - San Jose, CA AUD
10/01/1993 All DVD B- Greek Theater - Berkley, CA AUD
12/31/1993 All DVD A- Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium - Oakland, CA AUD
08/12/1995 All DVD A- West Palm Beach Auditorium - West Palm Beach, FL AUD
08/26/1995 All DVD A- Greek Theatre - Berkley, CA AUD
12/31/1995 All DVD A Oakland Coliseum - Oakland, CA AUD
04/10/1996 All DVD B+ Metropolis - Montreal, PQ AUD
12/31/1997 All DVD B+ Oakland Coliseum - Oakland, CA AUD
11/17/1999 All DVD B State Theater - Detroit, MI AUD
07/04/2008 All DVD A- Rothbury Festival - Rothbury, MI AUD
02/03/1975 All DVD A- Arturo Vega's Loft - New York, NY Unknown
??/??/1978 All DVD A Musikladen 78' SBD
08/09/1978 All DVD A+ Don Kirschner Show Los Angeles SBD
10/05/1981 All DVD A- The Second Chance - Ann Arbour, MI SBD
11/24/1986 All DVD A- Mississippi Nights - St.Louis, MO SBD
10/27/1987 Incomplete DVD B- 9:30 Club - Washington, DC SBD
08/09/1992 All DVD A- Lollapalooza Festival, Jones Beach Theater - Wantagh, NY AUD
10/27/1992 All DVD A Wellington SBD
04/13/1988 All DVD B Maple Leaf Gardens - Toronto, ON AUD
10/15/1994 All DVD A- The Fillmore - San Fransisco, CA AUD
01/10/1978 All DVD A+ Longhorn Ballroom - Dallas, TX SBD
01/14/1978 All DVD A Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, USA SBD
06/15/2004 All DVD A The Metropolis - Montreal, PQ AUD
12/03/1999 All DVD A Detroit - Detroit, MI AUD
04/08/2000 All DVD A- Montreal,Canada,Metropolis AUD
06/03/2000 All DVD B+ Dynamo Festival SBD
05/07/1995 All DVD A House Of Blues - Las Vegas, NV SBD
06/07/1995 All DVD A Palookaville - Santa Cruz, CA Unknown
11/09/1995 All DVD B+ The Majestic Theater - Ventura, CA AUD
04/17/1996 All DVD B+ Peabody's Down Under - Cleveland, OH AUD
05/04/1996 All DVD A House Of Blues - Hollywood, CA SBD
03/25/1979 Incomplete DVD B- Selland Arena - Fresno Convention Center - Fresno, CA AUD
10/11/1982 All DVD A Capital Centre - Largo, MD SBD
01/21/1983 All DVD A- Ibirapuera Gymnasium Sao Paulo SBD
05/29/1983 All DVD B+ Glen Helen Regional Park - Devore, CA SBD
04/19/1984 All DVD B+ The Forum - Montreal, PQ AUD
04/02/1985 All DVD A Prado Del Rey Madrid SBD
09/21/1986 All DVD A Town & Country Club London SBD
05/03/2007 All DVD B+ The Rock Copenhagen SBD
06/19/1995 All DVD B- Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA AUD
07/14/1995 All DVD A- Berkley Square - Berkley, CA AUD

Posted by AxeWarrior - June 20th, 2010

Pretty good

Posted by AxeWarrior - May 27th, 2010

Cause yellow people are smexy too.

Smiley Porno

Posted by AxeWarrior - May 20th, 2010

A is for AIDS
B is for BLOW JOB
C is for CUNT
D is for DYKE
F is for FUCK
H is for HERPES
I is for ICE CREAM
J is for [HAND] JOBS
N is for N****RS
O is for ORIFICE
P is for PENIS
Q is for QUEER
R is for RIMJOB
S is for SUCKJOB
T is for TITTIES
U is for URINE
V is for VAGINA
W is for [Blue] WAFFLES
X is for X- I DUNNO
Y is for YOUR MOM
Z is for ZOOPHILIA, the attraction to animals

Posted by AxeWarrior - May 18th, 2010

Posted by AxeWarrior - February 19th, 2009

Thanks to the magic of the internet, I managed to score an interview with GWAR's original Beefcake, Mike Bishop. He played on GWAR's 1st 4 records, often said to have been their high peak, and he can be seen in most videos and interview from this era.

Q. Have you ever written anything lyrically?

A. Yes, lots of stuff, if you mean for Gwar, I wrote most of the lyrics to Rock and Roll Never Felt So Good, Cool Place to Park, The Road Behind, and any thing I sang, like Fight or Eat Steel

Q. How long have you known Brockie, and were you involved in his life during the Death Piggy years

A. I've known Dave for 25 years or so. I often went to see Death Piggy, they were one of my favorite bands.

Q. Who were your musical influences, and who are the people that keep you interested in music to this day.

A. lots and lots and lots of stuff from Junior Parker to Charles Mingus etc. For rock stuff its basically most punk rock and post punk, I loved the Bad Brains, I loved weird shit like the Cramps, the Minutemen, X, lots of stuff. As far as today, I listen to and play lots of Country Swing, Bob Wills, Hank Williams, Buck Owens, and I play lots of blues and soul. The stuff I do now is more jazz oriented, mixing bebop and gypsy swing type shit with country music

Q. How long do you think GWAR will last under Brockie's leadership?

A. I have no idea, I don't think the band is exactly under Dave's leadership anymore. Matt pulls a lot of weight, which is odd. I don't really know him, but I sort of instinctively don't like him very much, never have. I think probably the band will keep going until they get too tired of it to continue. Maybe another album or so.

Q. Where are some of your favorite places or venues to play

A. I like the Vera in Gronignen Holland, i like playing in Europe, but in the US its Mississippi, Cleveland, Detroit, San Francisco, New Orleans

Q. Do you know what happened to Pete Lutcher, a.k.a Lee Beato?

A. I know what happened to him when we were playing together. He was a manic depressive and he lost his shit. Started just hanging out in his room and wouldn't come out. I don't know what he ever did after that.

Q. There are alot of guys you don't hear much about, like Rowell, Douglas, and Mobsy. Do you have any stories about them?

A. Loads. But I can't spit these out off hand. Mosby is a funny guy. He is a graphic artist these days. Dewey lives on the edge of drug addiction and ruin, coming in and out of recovery. Douglas was and I imagine still is an asshole. I don't know what he's doing.

Q. If you had a chance to live your GWAR years over, would you do anything diffrently?

A. I'd probably not quit the band like I did. I would have written more about my expereinces while I was doing it.

Q. Do you still have any pieces of your old Beefcake costume?

A. nooooo :(

Q. How did you go about joining GWAR? Were there any auditions or other things typical bands do?

A. I heard from Dewey Rowell that the band needed players. I auditioned, but it was really a shoe in. I just showed up and played through the songs and it was cool.

Q. What's your personal favorite GWAR record/song

A. I like This Toilet Earth, and my favorite song is SpaceKake

Q. Do you have any amps/effects you can reccomend to someone looking to mimic the thick, full, semi-distorted sound of your bass. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I mean like the bass breakdown to Bad, Bad Men

A. Well, I used a basic solid state head, the Seymour Duncan Bi-amp 8000, with Mesa Boogie cabinets. I ran the amp in mono, through an 18, and a full range cab with a 15, 2x10's, 2x5's and bullet driver. I used a Rat distortion pedal, but I was always able to dial in that sound with any pedal that wasn't too saturated. Just a tiny, tiny, like on 1, distortion. A lot of the sound had to do with the bass, which was a Steinberger XM2. I used the Precision pickups with a bit of a bass boost to make up for the loss of lows cut by the pedal. Also, you have to play hard to get that sound. Alot of the 'distortion' is my banging the shit out of it and it hitting the limiter circuit of the old Teletronix LA 2A, a kick ass compressor. Also, I used a Pultech eq to dial back in lows and cut out mud.

Q. What's your opinion on torrents/bootlegs/illegal downloads?

A. I don't give a shit. I think its fine. It helps in a way by giving more exposure.

Q. Were all the props GWAR brought on stage and the blood flying everywhere a little distracting or annoying? Did it ruin any good equitment?

A. YES, the blood and the props were a major deterrent to 'good' music. We were always having to recone soaked speakers, I had to use the Steinberger, a headless bass, because my tuning pegs kept getting caught in people's chains and getting knocked out of tune.

Q. Did you have any experiences with Jello Biafra on the set of Skullheadface? What do you think of all the lawsuits and shit the DK's are going through now?

A. Jello was one of my good friends and he still is. I think he went a bit overboard in trying to control the DK's music. He probably earned the backlash from his band mates who just wanted to make a bit of scratch while they still could.

Q. What was your most embarrasing moment on stage, of all the bands you've been with

A. I fell asleep during a Gwar show once, passed ut backstage while playing with a wireless.

Q. Where'd you get the skin thingy that you put on your bass to make it look like a slab of raw steak?

A. Liz Fairbairn, our old manager made that.

Q. Any tips on building up finger strength on the bass?

A. Just play. Play alot, all the time. I still play a lot, and I'm much better now than when I was in Gwar. I did also finger exercises sometimes. Just scales making sure to push down hard, but by far, the way I got good was by playing A LOT.

My Interview with Mike Bishop a.k.a Beefcake the Mighty of GWAR